STRATEGIC PLANNING: Stepping back from working in your business allows you to be able to work on your business. Using a strength-based approach to strategic planning of open dialogue with stakeholders helps organizations create a share vision for the future visualizing goals and objectives and defining action-oriented strategies to achieve successful execution.

CREATING A VALUES- BASED ORGANIZATION: Employees working for companies with a strong culture are more engaged and more productive. They create better experiences for your customers. Core values and vision must be alive in your organization, not merely hanging on the wall or listed in handbooks. Integrating your values in your core company processes -  hiring, performance, production, customer service, employee reviews, discipline, and firing  -  creates a high performing organization. 

LEADERSHIP: In most organizations, only 20% of employees feel that their strengths are in use everyday. Imagine the productivity and satisfaction your company would experience if your employees could spend their time doing what they do best, rather than struggling to fix what’s wrong!  Leadership training helps organizations envision a common preferred vision building on what's working well. Developing key leadership talents increases overall organizational effectiveness helping leaders learn the critical skills they need to improve and sustain performance and impact results. 

FAMILY BUSINESS CONSULTING: Helping families achieve the 3 things they want the most – business prosperity, family harmony and personal well being, consulting services are available for strategic planning, business succession, business and family governance, organizational development and change and conflict resolution.  See publications and more at

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